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The Future of Influence ft. Jeff Ragovin (Social Native)
February 13, 2018 Jeremy Goldman & Kiran Chetry

The Future of Influence ft. Jeff Ragovin (Social Native)

This week we're talking to social media pioneer Jeff Ragovin, one of the founding forces behind Buddy Media, which Salesforce acquired for around $750m in 2012. Now he's the Chief Revenue Officer for Social Native, a company looking to redefine content marketing and recognizing everyday consumers for the microinfluencers they truly are. How will brands leverage these microinfluencers? How will this impact the role of the creative director? How will companies measure which microinfluencers truly "matter" and which don't hold much sway? If you ever wanted a show to talk about content marketing, authenticity, and Sonic Drive In all on the same episode, you’ve come to the right place.
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